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Board of Peers

The Board of Peers is a body of ENGAGE members responsible for advising larger-scale ENGAGE campaigns and funding projects, as well as for helping to steer other major organizational decisions. The Board of Peers oversees organizational milestones and progress, and ensures organizational continuity and the integrity of institutional and organizational relationships.

Stephanie Teatro (2008-2011) Nashville, TN

Stephanie was introduced to ENGAGE as a student and intern with the CIEE Thailand program in 2007. Upon returning to the US in 2008, Stephanie rejoined the network as an intern for the Spartanburg Educators for Empowered Communities (SEEC) and as a new member of the Board of Peers. Stephanie spent her next few years in Seattle working with ENGAGE organizing and supporting the Food Justice Tour in 2008, the Urban People’s Movement Exchange in 2009, and the Anti-Oppression Workshop at the 2009 ENGAGE Annual Convergence. Stephanie’s local organizing and activism work in Seattle, based around labor and immigration, ultimately brought her into the labor movement as a union organizer with AFSCME, the country’s public employee’s union. Stephanie travels the country organizing public workers into new unions and hopes to further the powerful coalition of worker and community organizations in the movement for economic and social justice.

Chris Westcott (2008-2011) New York, NY

Chris has been involved with ENGAGE in many capacities since 2003, including serving as a National Coordinator in the ENGAGE office from 2005-2008. Chris is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in International Education and Development at Columbia University’s Teachers College in New York City, and is excited about taking a number of ENGAGE-related projects and ideas to academia. Chris coordinates a community internship program at Teachers College to place Columbia graduate students in paid internships with community-based organizations and Title 1 public schools in New York City. He is also involved in various community organizing efforts in New York City that are focused on affordable housing and gentrification.

Cash Nigro (2008-2011) St. Louis, MO

Cash has been a member of ENGAGE since the Fall of 2005, when she was student of the CIEE-Thailand study abroad program. She then returned to Khon Kaen as a Program Facilitator for the 2007-2008 school year. As the Northwest Co-regional Coordinator, she helped plan the Portland, Oregon leg of the 2006 Fair Trade Rice Tour and the 2008 Food Justice Tour. In 2008, Cash graduated from Portland State University with a B.A. in Anthropology. She now works with The Pangaea Project, a leadership development and social justice education program for low-income youth in the Portland area. She is also the volunteer coordinator for a day laborer empowerment and rights advocacy organization called Voz Worker’s Rights Education Project. Cash’s future plans include studying for her Master’s degree in Social Work, working with grassroots social justice organizations, and traveling the world.

Phil Mangis (2009-2012) Brattleboro, VT

Phil has been affiliated with ENGAGE since Fall 2003, when he was a student on the Council on International Education and Exchange’s Development and Globalization program in NE Thailand.  After graduating from Beloit College in 2005, Phil returned to CIEE-Thailand where he assisted students and interns in developing facilitation, group process, and social action research skills.  Phil recently completed his M.Ed. in International Education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst’s Center for International Education, and currently holds the position of Operations Manager for the International Honors Program, a division of SIT Study Abroad at World Learning.

Brighid O’Keane (2010-2013) Washington, DC

Brighid has been involved with ENGAGE since studying with CIEE in the fall of 2003, after which she was a community intern for the program in the potash-mine community of Non Somboon.  She returned to the University of Colorado to graduate with a degree in International Environment and Development. In 2006, she was a coordinator for ENGAGE’s Access to Medicine Trade Justice Tour. She returned to Khon Kaen in 2008 and 2009 as the International Program Coordinator for the Khon Kaen Education Initiative, an alternative, community-based co-teaching program. She was recently the Program Director for the Berkeley Student Food Collective and now works with the Alliance for Biking & Walking in Washington DC.

Alvin Sangsuwangul (2011-2014) Indianapolis, IN

Alvin became involved with ENGAGE after participating as a student on the CIEE Thailand study abroad program. He worked with a group of ENGAGE students to create the Economic, Social and Cultural Rights USA Project, helping to produce reports in Eastern Kentucky and Southern California. After graduating from Pomona College, he spent a year working as a Program Facilitator with CIEE Thailand. Upon returning, Alvin moved back to his hometown of Indianapolis, IN where he hopes to work for local change.


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